For Speech and Language Pathologists, Therapists, Audiologists, Psychologists, Habilitation Specialists, and others…

How does it work?

Bridges App © provides users with access to the full possibilities of language—not just statements and requests, but motivations and emotions as well.

Not your average app. Other communicative assistance products offer screens full of icons, forcing the user to deductively select from lists of simple phrases that were anticipated by the developers. Bridges App takes the completely opposite approach.

Good-bye icons and soundboards!

The guiding light. Bridges App uses an intuitive, progressively-enhanced phrase-building interface which makes communication a uniquely inductive process, and produces expressions specific to the user’s perspective and situation. This guided approach makes Bridges App an educational and therapeutic tool as well as a communicative tool.

bridges-interface-ignored-clipA fast talker. The Bridges App interface is easy for all skill levels and most dexterity levels. The more Bridges App is used, the more it begins to anticipate higher-level suggestions based on user history. The result is fast communication with high fidelity to the user’s intended meaning.

Emotional intelligence. Bridges App is designed to enable users to create compound sentences expressing: (1) an emotion, (2) a recipient or object of that emotion, and (3) a reason for the emotion. It’s not just “I want bathroom,” but also, “I feel sad because my friend fell.”

How can you participate?

ACT is actively seeking partners who can provide real world expertise as well as feedback on the performance of Bridges App across the spectrum of communicative disorders. Please join the announcement list for notification when this app becomes available for testing.

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