HIPAA_Compliant App For SLPs, Therapists, Audiologists, Psychologists, Habilitation Specialists, and others to collaborate in real time for the social-emotional health of their clients.

How Multidisciplinary Collaboration works

 Not your average app. Other communicative assistance products offer screens full of icons, forcing the user to deductively select from lists of best options that were anticipated by app developers.

OiGO© App takes the completely opposite approach:

Good-bye to icons and picture boards;

Hello Professional Collaboration!

The guiding light. OiGO© App puts the professionals at the forefront of behavioral decisions.  Therapists can now be a part of a wiki-based crowd-sourcing input process to collaborate with the world community.  You set the behavioral solutions to feelings-based problems unique to your client, and you share those results with your colleagues on behalf of all your clients worldwide to give them virtually unlimited ways to solve speech-related behavioral issues.

bridges-interface-ignored-clipUnobtrusive and Portable.  OiGO© App looks just like any other phone app.  It doesn’t call attention to itself or its user.  Easy-to-use application allows you to keep up with clients and update/share in real-time their emotional processes.

Inexpensive. OiGO© App is priced competitively with other AAC apps, making it accessible to a whole range of clients.

Wiki-Style interface for collaboration by Speech/Language and Auditory Professionals to help their clients cope.

Exploring Behavioral Options.  Once users have demonstrated a feeling and reason for that feeling, they can now explore options for dealing with that feeling.

“Communications deficits lead to behavior problems”

(OiGO© Focus Group with Kennedy Krieger Institute, 2017)

A Behavior Toolkit (OiGO HELP ME) provides a list of appropriate behavior options to help people cope with a variety of physically or neurologically based limitations to social-emotional speech formulation.

When I am angry, I can …

OiGO HELP ME will be based off of, and build upon, the feelings-based sentence the user creates with OiGO SELF, or can be used as a behavior modification tool independently at any time. This toolkit will be customizable, cloud-stored, and crowd-sourced by behavioral therapists, occupational therapists, and speech-language pathologists on behalf of their clients to create a dynamic, user-specific list of options to help deal with emotional issues and events.

How can you participate?

ACT is actively seeking partners who can provide real world expertise as well as feedback on the performance of OiGO© App across the spectrum of communicative disorders. Please join the announcement list for notification when this app becomes available for testing.

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