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Sparrow Song, Part 2

  If you've been following, you have read the beautiful reflection by Bridges App founder Brenda Jensen.  Below is a poem inspired by Brenda's and Carl's remarkable story: THE SPARROW’S SONG   The Hall of Souls gave a collective flutter. Down through the cloudy mist To the rain forest below She descended.   Halting, cocking her … Continue reading Sparrow Song, Part 2

The Sparrow’s Song

By Brenda, Carl, and Genevieve Jensen One day, our precious beautiful baby is born. So anticipated. So precious. So loved... Always and forever.  So loved. Development goes awry.  We must choose: Flight?  To denial; Fight?  To solutions yet invented. Always and forever.  Searching a solution. We have fought for three decades. Flanked by our daughter’s … Continue reading The Sparrow’s Song

And The Second App Development Question—Answered as Well

If you read my last entry, you know that as Brenda and I have pursued our dream of age-appropriate, complex assistive communication, two burning questions have animated my efforts:  Are we just redoing something already accomplished?, and Is there a place for Bridges App in current assistive tech?  Last entry I described my answer to the first … Continue reading And The Second App Development Question—Answered as Well