The Therapeutic Alliance Part 2: The Role of Applied Behavior Analysis

Last blog entry we discussed the unique insights into a patient’s behavior that could be garnered through a strong relationship between primary caregivers and therapists/professionals.  In this entry, we address the relationship between the primary caregiver and the end-user, the person struggling with speech-limiting behavior dysfunctions, and the role of an AAC device in integrating an Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) program into the person’s care plan.

If you’ve been following this blog, you already are familiar with out progressive phrase-building approach to emotional language formulation.  You know that OiGO

parent-child1-splash2will guide a stressed-out user not only to express her frustration, but to select from responsible behavioral options to cope with that stress.  This behavioral component of OiGO will allow for real-time monitoring of users by by their caregivers and loved-ones, strengthening the overall relationship between the three entities in the Therapeutic Alliance–the professionals, the primary caregiver, and the person with special needs.

ABA has been used in the past half century as an applied science designed to produce observable changes in behavior.  The focus has been to replace inappropriate behaviors with successful behaviors.  It explores the motivations that cause the problematic behaviors in the first place.  ABA focuses on behaviors that are grounded in sound theoretical behavioral principles, behaviors shown by data to make positive changes in behavior.

This requires a focus on data, on objective measurement, and on the ability to demonstrate, replicate, and assess the efficacy of selected appropriate behavior solutions.

An effective ABA program should be Accountable, Public, Doable, Empowering, and Optimistic.

And that’s where OiGO will fit in…

Our amazing development team, centered around the Department of Engineering at The Citadel, Military College of South Carolina, is working to produce a game-changing device that re-envisions the mutual relations between the three components of the Therapeutic Alliance, centered on the unique therapeutic potential of OiGO App.  Our ultimate goal will be to create a cloud-based repository of appropriate behavior options, accessible by therapists and their clients based on need, and accessible through the App for real-time behavior augmentation and overall social-emotional health.

Follow us on our journey to help create a world where all are celebrated for their unique gifts, where all can share their hopes and dreams in confidence and pride.