Rebranding, Refocusing, and Relaxing

Well, at least the first two are accurate.

For most teachers, summer means refreshing, relaxing, and repurposing for the next year.  And yeah, that’s happening too, but…

Summer gives me a chance to revisit and tighten up our plans for getting the app into the hands of those who need it most.

After 1 week of summer vacation, Brenda and I have met with over a dozen therapists, parents of special needs children, and university academics to keep us on track to unveil our new product by September.

So first:  The Re brand:

We have changed our app name to OiGcolor_logo_with_backgroundO.  As in “I hear you.” 

After conducting a rather lengthy outreach process, we came up with this as a simple, flashy way to get our message out that our app will provide the most advanced downloadable solution to the problem of language-based problems in Social-Emotional Health.  We want the buyers of the app to see it as a tool to access the emotions of their clients and loved ones, and to have (hopefully) a cool-sounding word to brand it.

And we’re starting to Refocus our presentation later this fall with a national organization devoted to using technology to enhance communication skills with people with speech and behavior challenges.  More on that in a near-future post.

OiGO has grown from a sentence formulation tool based on progressive phrase building prompts (unique in a-3308712_1920and of itself) to a multi-profession collaborative venture to both help clients express, and deal with, their feelings.

Or, in the words of our mission statement, to help create a world

where all are celebrated for their unique gifts, where all can share their hopes and dreams with pride.

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