Kennedy Krieger Focus Group Version 2

Jane and Genevieve in Baltimore

Way back in December 2016, Brenda and I took our Bridges App on the road for our first of several road shows.  We went to Baltimore to meet with members of Johns Hopkins Medical Center-affiliated Kennedy Krieger Institute’s Neuro-Behavioral Unit.  I like to tell people that we left Tampa way back then with little more than a dream and a really expensive hobby, and returned validated that we had actually come up with something that was (1) unique, and (2) desperately needed.

Almost a year and a half later, Brenda and Genevieve have just finished meeting with dear friends and colleagues Jane Lutken, Dr. Jean Blosser, and Dr. Julia O’Connor to show them our latest developments.  The results of their meeting are motivating us as much as did our last visit with that internationally recognized institution and group of experts.

Our biggest development so far?  Bridges not only will have the capacity to help a user create unique, customizable statements of emotional need, but also will provide a customizable “Tool Kit” of behavior options to resolve their stresses.

Speech, Linguistics, and Behavior Experts reacting to the app

When a user creates the statement “I am frustrated when you ignore me,” for instance, the user can then tap the screen to switch to “Took Kit” mode, where she gets a list of suggested behaviors or actions to engage in when frustrated.  This too, of course is totally customizable by her, her loved ones, and therapists, using the app as a collaborative tool to reinforce positive behavior.  We’re still looking to a deadline of summer 2018 for a downloadable, fully operating product.


The most amazing thing is that we are creating a cloud-based storage vault for retrieval of suggestions made by therapists and users as well.

There are so many pieces to this puzzle, and so many great and supportive friends who are helping to make our 4 + year journey a reality.  We’ll keep you posted!