Bridges to be Downloadable Soon!

Greetings to all.

It has been too long since you’ve heard from this blog (almost 100 days; so says Facebook!).  Don’t think Bridges App hasn’t been on our minds, though.  I’m just back from yet another frenetic and exciting weekend with Brenda in Charleston, SC, where we’ve begun an exciting new direction in our development efforts.  Definitely time for an update.

Almost four years ago Brenda and I half-jokingly decided we could build an app to help people with speech and emotional issues to overcome barriers to commun150px-The_Citadel_seal.svgication.

Since then, we’ve been honored to collaborate with:

  • Johns Hopkins University,
  • The Kennedy Krieger Institute in Baltimore,
  • The University of South Florida, Tampa, and most recently
  • The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina.

Additionally, Brenda and I earned the National Science Foundation’s coveted I-Corps Fellow designation this past fall for our research into customer trends in language app marketing.

So yeah; we’ve been rather busy.

IMG_2978As you may remember, Bridges App is in the process of being used as an emotional evaluation tool in a major study in the Behavioral Sciences Department of USF Tampa.  Our friend and colleague Taylor Randall, BCaBA (to Gena’s right on the photo to the left), is using our app as part of her Master’s Thesis on the ability of children with special needs to identify emotions and respond to interactions.  We wish her the best of luck in this important avenue of research, and are proud to be able to be a part of that study.

Our app developer, Michael Ritchie of, has been an invaluable resource in getting us off the ground.  He has created a beautiful and easy-to-use interface (see below for one of thousands of sentence possibilities) that has caught the attention of the Computer Science Department of The Citadel, The College of South Carolina.  Mike has agreed to stay on to provide advice and access to a wide range of his connections as our Start-Up Advisor.

Meanwhile, Citadel Senior Cadet Jake Couchenour (to Gena’s left in the photo to the right) will be taking Citadel with Genaover coding and development duties as our Intern for the duration of the semester prior to his graduation.  He is working under the direction of Citadel Associate Professor of Computer Science Dr. Michael Verdicchio, PhD.  Jake brings a great enthusiasm and strong background in Android applications and Business Administration.  Welcome Aboard, Jake and Dr. V!

Our goal is to have the app ready for download sometime this summer, so we can formally unveil it at one or more national Speech/Language and Behavioral Therapy conferences in the fall of 2018.

We’ll keep you posted.




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