Brenda Jensen Named Entrepreneurial Lead in Prestigious National Science Foundation Study

We’ve been very busy!!

In between a hurricane, juggling families and friends, and working our “day jobs,” Assistive Communications Technologies is continuing to attract national attention!  As you read recently, we are already collaborating with members of the University of South Florida, Tampa’s College of Community and Behavioral Sciences to test the efficacy of our major AAC project, our unique feelings-based Bridges App.

Now even more great news:  We’ve been accepted to partner with the National Science Foundation to join in a prestigious I-Corps cohort over the next few months.

ACT co-founder Brenda Jensen will be participating as the “Entrepreneurial Lead” in an academic and practical study on the market implications of Bridges.  She will work with a USF faculty member and business mentor in the Tampa community to identify areas where we can improve our marketing and outreach.  (Remember we’re talking about two educators with very little experience in the business end of, well, business!)  As a member of the NSF I-Corps cohort at USF Tampa, Brenda will be working to bring Bridges to the next level of marketability.


I was excited and proud when I read part of NSF’s mission statement:  “Support[ing] basic research and people to create knowledge that transforms the future.”  Brenda and I and our families and friends have been so supportive over the past 3 years in our own vision:

Envisioning a world where all people can express their deepest feelings with confidence and pride

And now, seeing that the National Science Foundation, a nationally respected federal government agency, wants to help us out, I’m a little humbled by the honor.

NSF’s mission is to bring futuristic scientific and technological ideas to fruition.  We’ve long known that Bridges can be a technological game-changer, and now we have the greatest possible foundation from which to bring our idea to the AAC market in a major way.  And we have the nationally preeminent scientific community agreeing with us that our approach truly is “futuristic.”

With a team of graduate students from USF’s Colleges of Business and Engineereing, Brenda will be bringing valuable information back to the Bridges development team on how to leverage our existing contacts and how to make new ones.  When she’s completed the curriculum in mid-November, we will be much closer to our goal of revolutionizing the AAC market and putting a unique game-changer into the hands of millions of people whose deepest desire is to be heard and respected.

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Brenda Jensen and her daughter, our inspiration, Genevieve



Good Work, Brenda!

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