Nearing an Important Goal

If you know of Brenda and my work over the past 3 years, you know that we have been working toward the goal of the first-ever feeling-based language formulating app that will help people suffering from speech-related disabilities share their innermost needs and concerns.

Thanks to our dear friend and colleague, ASHA Fellow Dr. Jean Blosser, CCC-SLP, Ed.D., we are making serious inroads with University of South Florida’s College of Behavioral Sciences.

USF Child and Family.jpg
We are finalizing plans to have Bridges App used as the subject of a Master’s Thesis by a student in their Applied Behavior Analysis Program. In addition, we have begun to work with USF Department and Computer Science/Engineering toward a cooperative venture in their I-Corps Program.
USF I-Corps.jpg

Still have a ways to go till the app is fully viable and functional in all the unique areas we intend to address. If you aren’t yet following our journey, please sign up at to receive updates and interesting updates to our work and the world of assistive communications, as well as to share any information or observations you have. You can follow us on Twitter or Facebook, @BridgesAppACT