The Sparrow’s Song, Part 2

If you’ve been following us, you know that our journey is a personal and sometimes very difficult one. I hope you are as moved by this poem

The Hall of Souls gave a collective flutter.
Down through the cloudy mist
To the rain forest below
She descended.

Halting, cocking her head
The screaming of monkeys, the hissing of snakes.
So many threats, too many, too many
Finally, but not soon enough, sleep.

Dreams of sweet singing,
Perfect notes, perfect harmony.
Perfect sparrow songs connecting her
Sweet, perfect sparrow songs she sings.

Awakening, she spoke the perfect of her dreams
But it wasn’t. she rushes to share her dream.
Muted croaks, garbled utterances of another species, another place, another time…
Frightened, frenetic, sparrow is lost…… in a dark place

Surprised looks from toucans, parrots,
Even other sparrows.
Derision? Pity?
Just hear me, she cries.