Shifting Gears–A Funding Update


There-have we got your attention yet?

HI ALL–We’ve been largely silent in social media the past few weeks, and so here’s an accounting of what’s been going on in ACT land.  Short version:  It’s not too late to help make our dream a reality for millions suffering the emotional effects of communication-related disabilities.  We plan to keep the GoFundMe campaign active on our social forums for another week.

We are so thankful for all the generous contributors and followers over the past month with our big fundraising campaign.  We’ve gotten to just under $3,000 toward our $16,000 goal of a funded downloadable prototype that we could use to actually try out on a small group of students with autism-related speech challenges.  Be assured that we will use every penny of your generous contributions toward developing a prototype by this June.  The GofundMe will last another month, but this week will be our last big push on Twitter and Facebook.

Brenda and Albert are truly grateful for your support.  As you can probably do math pretty well, let’s just suffice it to say that we are working toward alternative ways to come up with the necessary funds.  There are several “angel investor” funding options we’ve been looking at recently, and our app developer Mike from continues to be very supportive and helpful in that area.

We are committed to having a working, downloadable app by early June 2017–something that can demonstrate finally and precisely how we can help progressively build complex, emotion-based sentences.  This is something that literally does not exist in assistive and augmentative communications.  The industry has existed since the ’60s, and the technology has become static, to say the least.  We intend to be there first, and to revolutionize that industry.  And we’re on track to get it into the hands of those who need it most by this summer for serious Beta Testing with colleagues at USF Tampa.

So please follow this blog for updates, and continue to share our notifications as you see them on Facebook and Twitter.