The Sparrow’s Song

By Brenda, Carl, and Genevieve Jensen

One day, our precious beautiful baby is born.

So anticipated.

So precious.

So loved…

Always and forever.  So loved.

Baby Gen Bren

Development goes awry.  We must choose:

Flight?  To denial;

Fight?  To solutions yet invented.

Always and forever.  Searching a solution.

We have fought for three decades.

Flanked by our daughter’s doctors,

Her specialists,

Her therapists,

Always and forever.  Faithful Friends for Life. 

Gena elem School

Together searching everywhere, investigating every new approach, with each development hoping that this time the answers will appear, we will awaken from our Sweet Sparrow Dream.

Disappointed, time and again.

It was all we had.

Until one day we decided to create our own solution—the missing piece that would bridge the isolation and frustration that kept our daughter alone within in her mind.

To reunite her with those who love and cherish her for her unique gifts.



Listen to them.  Listen to your children.  To your loved ones.  Know that you can help them.  Just listen to what they say.  Know that beneath all the words,

All the tears,

All the smiles and screams,

They are all only saying one thing:

The same thing,

Again and again,

Always and Forever.  The same sparrow song:           

Just Hear Me

Gena Grad