Fundraiser Update #1

If you’ve been following, you know that Brenda and I started a fundraising campaign 2 weeks ago to aid in our goal to make emotional communication possible for the millions of people trapped intellectually inside their minds, at Focusing primarily on adolescents with autism, Bridges App is easily adaptable to others with neurologically-based impediments to communication, including Alzheimer’s patients, Traumatic Brain Injury, and a variety of other disorders.

Our goal is to raise $45, 000 within the next month. Here’s how that breaks down, per our app developer and supporter Michael Ritchie, director of

$16,000 is the initial development cost of coding the demos you’ve seen in several of our updates (Facebook, Twitter, etc). This is our immediate goal, as we intend to unveil our downloadable app in November 2017’s annual ASHA conference in Los Angeles. This first stage will allow us to demonstrate a functioning, partially-populated set of sentence creations. We need that amount by mid-April to get us to Los Angeles.

$13,000 is the 2nd phase, which will completely populate all of the 2 thousand-plus sentence combinations possible through our unique, progressive-phrase-building approach to sentence formulation. When this is complete, we can try it out on three distinct Beta Testing groups in Tampa and Jackson, Miss, in mid-summer.

$6,000 will get us to cleaning up anticipated glitches, bugs, etc, by October so we can familiarize ourselves with the app for its unveiling.

$10,000 will cover all expenses for Brenda, Genevieve, and me to get to Los Angeles the 2nd week in November, and host a vendor stall at that 3-day convention.

So yeah, we’ve asked for a lot. We’re doing all we can to get to the immediate $16k goal, with the confidence that once people (investors) see what is actually possible with our development ideas, the app will continue to fund itself.

If you haven’t yet, take a look around the website. We’d love your comments, and really appreciate any financial support you could offer to help create a world where all people are valued for their unique contributions.

Thanks, from Brenda and Genevieve (also from Albert, who wasn’t around when this wonderful photo was taken!)