And The Second App Development Question—Answered as Well

If you read my last entry, you know that as Brenda and I have pursued our dream of age-appropriate, complex assistive communication, two burning questions have animated my efforts:  Are we just redoing something already accomplished?, and Is there a place for Bridges App in current assistive tech?  Last entry I described my answer to the first question; here I address the second.

                Last week, we led a Focus Group including a professional Speech Pathologist, and Behavioral Psychologists, and a PhD Linguistics student to assess the efficacy of Bridges App.  May I just say–A one-hour discussion turned into a 3-hour conversation (including a lovely lunch down the street from Kennedy Krieger).  We had a wonderful opportunity to get to know some of the amazing and talented professionals who work with children and adults suffering from neurologically-based impairments.  We left the meetings energized and thrilled to get back to our app developer to tweak our prototype and get cranking on the next step–sharing a fully functioning product with a special needs population for Beta Testing.  Our warmest thanks to Dr. Julia O’Connor, Director or Day Treatment Services for Kennedy Krieger’s Neurobehavioral Unit Outpatient Clinic.  She graciously took time out of her very busy day to give us patient wisdom in her analysis both of what we are doing well, and more importantly areas for us to refine our ideas.

                Jean Blosser, EdD started her relationship with Brenda and Genevieve as a speech pathologist.  Still a friend years later, she has proved to be a great mentor in our efforts, and I am so fortunate to have gotten to know her.  A past president and a Fellow of the American Speech and Hearing Association, she knows everyone, it seems, and has been invaluable in helping us share our vision and energy in refining Bridges App.  I hope soon to describe on this site some of the exciting work in which she is involved. 

                Several of the staff, incidentally, were personally familiar with Genevieve, having worked with her as far back as 20 years ago, and it was great fun seeing them catch up and marvel at her progress. 

Thanks for continuing to follow us as we make headway toward perfecting our Bridges App prototype and create a final product.