Bridges Phone App-First blog post!

Hello to all, and welcome to Assistive Communications Technologies.  The purpose of this blog is to allow followers to give their input and suggestions for bettering what is of yet our first project, Bridges App.  An introductory image above shows some of the very basic possibilities available through our project, and we hope to refine it as we continue our work toward creating an age-appropriate, thoughtful approach to assistive communications.

If you’re involved in the field of AAC, you probably know that virtually all the AAC devices on the market, to this point, are variations on a pretty straightforward, and pretty basic, approach to assistive communications; users are given a finite and typically simplistic array of icons from which they can select one that captures their immediate needs.  I call this a “deductive” approach to assistive communications.  Bridges App will revolutionize AAC by opening the user to  literally thousands of options based on the roll-bar options I have merely hinted at above. This uniquely “inductive” approach helps give users ownership of their own emotions and needs.