End users know what they want to say, but can’t find the words.  From autism to Alzheimer’s to TBI to selective mutism, millions of English speakers act out in frustration at their inability to express feelings.

Communications deficits lead to Behavior Problems

End Users possess the cognitive understanding to ideate their feelings, but are unable to formulate those thoughts in complex ways.  This inability to resolve emotions leads to inner turmoil and frequent destructive behavior.  OiGO© provides Emotional Tool Box of appropriate, customizable responses to stressors.

ACT focuses on the large and growing segment of adolescents to adults who suffer from neurologically-based speech impairments or other communication difficulties—as well as their friends, Parents and Loved Ones, and Specialists

An Easy-to-Use, Inconspicuous Speech Tool

OiGO© App is the only feelings-based tool on the market that can help a user deal in productive ways with unique emotion-based stressors.  Progressive prompting by the app guides a user stressed out by an undefinable anxiety toward an expression of feeling, a reason for that feeling, and an array of options for dealing with that feeling in a productive way.

Users don’t have to wait till their next therapy session to discuss what they did or did not do to deal with their behavior issue. With OiGO© App, their therapist is with them at all times.

Downloadable to i-Phone or Android device, all parts of the team are able to make real-time suggestions for behavior options on behalf of their loved one and client.

Because of its structured approach to phrase generation, OiGO© App is applicable as a therapeutic language learning tool in the realm of speech pathology. For students of low English language ability,  OiGO© App can function as a classroom learning tool English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Educators.

As OiGO© App increasingly integrates with social media and text-to-speech technology, it will open a world of communication and rapport for the approximately one in ten Americans, including nearly 6 million children, suffering from a communicative disorder.

Potential users

  • Hearing impaired
  • Limited English Proficiency
  • Traumatic  Brain injured
  • Veterans (PTSD)
  • Speech Apraxia (stroke victims; congenital conditions)
  • Intellectually challenged
  • Non-verbal due to conditions such as ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder)
  • Vocal cord injuries

Not Just English

Built for the future. Many communicative apps use an icon-based approach which slows usage and inhibits the user’s expressive ability. Even worse, iconography can vary by language and culture, generating misunderstanding, confusion, and even offense. In contrast, OiGO© App uses a progressively-enhanced language-based interface that can be applied to many languages.

Next Steps

ACT is interested in learning your use case for OiGO© App. Please contact us to discuss how we can work together.

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